Mark Gingel
Geoff Allen
Vice chairperson
Karen Lough
Social club treasurer
Peter Lough
Village & recreation ground treasurer
Keith Day
Maintenance sub committee chair
Lorna Trudgill
Committee member
Robbie Trudgill
Committee member
Roger Challoner
Committee member
Ivan Cotton
Committee member
Derek Lord
Committee member
Marilyn Hurst
Committee member
Kate Major
Committee member




Minutes Of The Last Meeting

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  • July 15th

    After the AGM tonight, all Committee Members have agreed to stay on. Treasurers and Vice-Chair will continue as officers of the Committee and you have me as Chair for another Year. We still cannot get a Secretary. At the monthly Committee meeting, the following decisions have been made.

    All paid up SVH Members will now get a 5% discount at the SVH Bar from Friday 17th July 2021.To get this discount, you will need to pay via your Membership Card. Therefore you will need to put money on that card to pay and get your discount. Any purchases made without the Membership Card will not get the discount. If you are not sure how to get money on your Membership Card then you can contact me or ask me or the Bar Staff on how to do it. 

    Irrespective of the Govt Announcement on 19th July, we also decided: 

    • Face coverings are to be worn inside at all times, unless you are seated. The layout of the tables in the Extension allow for social distancing and so therefore must not be moved. 
    • Table Service will stop, therefore you can order, collect and pay at the bar, but you cannot sit or stand there. Only adults allowed to come to the Bar
    • If playing Darts, you must play with your own set of Darts ONLY (we do have some sets behind the Bar that you can use for the session) and only one person uses the electronic keyboard to keep score. Wipes and Gel freely available underneath the Dartboard.
    • Children welcome to stay in the Extension until 9pm on a Friday night, however they will need to be seated, thereby minimising movement amongst other users of the room (there are two acres to run around and play equipment to use outside if they have energy to burn)

    All of these measures are to protect the safety of volunteers, members and visitors to SVH, as we have to be aware that some people have not been vaccinated twice and others have had not been vaccinated at all. If you feel the need to call these rules, then rules they are. 

    If the announcement on the 19th would not allow us to put in place this protection, then obviously we would continue to follow any guidelines (as we have always done) and I will send a further update later next week.

    We will review these measures at every monthly Committee Meeting.

    Kind regards